Transform Your Restaurant’s Exterior With Our Exterior Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI

Creating a long-lasting impression is important for food-service businesses, but with so much going on inside, keeping the restaurant’s exterior can become difficult. And that is why Grease Hood Pros is here to offer the restaurant exterior services in Milwaukee you need.

A well-maintained exterior reflects the business. It tells customers of a team that cares about their community and customers. Providing a clean outdoor area will also improve customers’ dining experience and the likelihood of them returning.

Grease Hood Pros offer comprehensive exterior cleaning to all restaurants in Milwaukee. That includes deep cleaning the outdoor furniture, awnings, facade, and garbage pads. Let us help create a customized exterior cleaning plan for your restaurant today!

Every Milwaukee Restaurant Needs A Professional Exterior Cleaning

Keeping the exterior of your restaurant clean and fresh is important for many reasons.

Attract more customers:

A clean and appealing restaurant can create a positive, relaxing atmosphere many people enjoy.

Health and safety:

One of the most obvious reasons for keeping a restaurant clean is for the safety and health of all. The dirt and dust buildup can cause health issues to not only the customers but your staff as well. Eliminating the buildup through proper exterior cleaning will get rid of harmful bacteria

Compliance with Milwaukee, WI regulations:

Milwaukee has strict laws regarding restaurants and commercial kitchens. Failing to follow the standards may not only result in expensive fines but also the forced closure of your business.

Exterior cleaning for restaurants is extremely important not just for the appearance. A clean outdoor area helps prevent damages to the building materials as well as contribute to the overall feel of the community.

Exterior Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI

Grease Hood Pros Restaurant Exterior Cleaning for Milwaukee, WI Restaurants

We offer the best restaurant exterior cleaning services to ensure our customers have the best looking exterior.

  • Facade Cleaning

This is vital for keeping the restaurant’s exterior clean and safe. The facade of an establishment is the first thing that customers see. If the exterior is filled with stains, dirt, and grime, the facade will look unappealing and turn away potential customers. Our team of restaurant cleaners will clean the facade of your restaurant using use the latest cleaning methods and tools.

  • Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

The outdoor furniture can quickly become covered with dust and dirt, which can make the furniture look old and give the wrong impression to customers. With our exterior cleaning team, we will restore your outdoor furniture to its best condition.

  • Awning Cleaning:

Another part of the restaurant’s exterior that needs regular cleaning is the awning. It grabs people’s attention and adds to the environment as they walk into the restaurant. At Grease Hood Pros, our cleaning team can tackle the dirt, dust, or stains from the awnings and make them pleasing to the eye again.

  • Garbage Pad Cleaning

Besides the facade, outdoor furniture, and awnings, this area of the restaurant probably needs the most cleaning. The garbage pad is a source of unpleasant odor and harbors bacteria that can attract pests. Leaving this area uncleaned can have serious effects on health, safety, and the business.

With our comprehensive exterior cleaning services, you can create a positive first impression. We take great pride in providing exceptional services that deliver long-lasting results. Contact us today and let our restaurant cleaning specialists show you how our services can change y our business!


Our restaurant exterior cleaning specialists understand that each area of the exterior requires a different approach, so you can leave your restaurant and exterior area to us and have peace of mind.


Call Grease Hood Pros for more details on our exterior cleaning in Milwaukee, WI, or ask for a no-obligation estimate.

Exterior Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Exterior Cleaning Experts

When choosing a Milwaukee exterior cleaning, it is important to find a trusted company. At Grease Hood Pros, we are proud to serve Milwaukee and the nearby communities with outstanding exterior cleaning services. We meticulously plan our exterior cleaning to ensure every aspect of your restaurant is spotless

  • Our goal is to help business owners make their establishment look, feel, and smell fresh. That is one of the main reasons why we offer thoughtfully planned cleaning services at reasonable prices. Grease Hood Pros acknowledges that not all businesses have the same cleaning needs, so we always endeavor to consider their unique needs.


    The dedication we have for our customers is what sets our restaurant and hood cleaning company apart from the rest. We recognize that the outside area also represents the business. All of our hood cleaning experts are trained to treat every establishment as if it is their own and pay close attention to detail so we do not miss a spot.

Set Your Restaurant Exterior Cleaning in Milwaukee With Grease Hood Pros!


Want to ensure your restaurant makes a long-lasting impression on your customers? Talk with Grease Hood Pros today! Our team got you covered! As experts in Milwaukee hood cleaning, we guarantee top-notch exterior cleaning for your restaurant. 


Do not let a grubby restaurant exterior be the reason for customers walking away. With our restaurant exterior cleaning, your establishment will look immaculate. Contact us for more details on our restaurant exterior cleaning services.


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