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Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI

Routine kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is vital since the buildup of FOG is a fire hazard that will also greatly affect the function of the kitchen appliance.

A buildup of food particles and grease will also cause damage to the exhaust fan, which can cause it to malfunction. 

Many restaurant fires originate from a malfunctioning cooking appliance. Sparks can turn into a fire if the kitchen exhaust hood is not working properly.

Leaving the commercial kitchen vent hood covered in grease is dangerous, as you are putting your business and other people at significant risk. 

For more details about Milwaukee kitchen grease hood cleaning, call Grease Hood Pros.

Milwaukee Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

At Grease Hood Pros, we take care of exhaust hoods and use only the best cleaning methods:

Extractor Hood Cleaning

The extractor hood is a chimney-like kitchen appliance that hangs directly above the stovetop with the purpose of minimizing the smoke and odor by drawing the steam, fumes, and particles away from the kitchen and other appliances.


Grease Hood Pros has a team of professionals and a skilled crew who understands all types of range hoods and can safely dismount this device for cleaning and assemble the parts back again after.

Hood Filter Cleaning

The hood filter’s purpose is to prevent FOGs from getting into the kitchen exhaust system and is the part of the kitchen range hood that captures grease, smoke, and food debris.


We offer hood filter cleaning that really works. Our hood cleaning specialists have solutions for degreasing hood filters that will ensure your kitchen exhaust hood filters get the proper cleaning and drying. 

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Are you hearing loud noises coming from your exhaust hood? Does the exhaust hood malfunction while operating? These may be signs your exhaust fan needs immediate cleaning and maintenance.


Exhaust fan issues are common. Ensuring that the fans are working properly will help you keep a safe work environment. With our exhaust fan cleaning, we will remove all trapped grease and food particles on the fan’s blades. 


Grease Hood Pros can guarantee a thorough cleaning from eliminating bacteria on the hood cover to getting rid of grease on fans, And our team will also perform safety inspections on your range hood assembly, fan bearings, motor, and mounts. 

Let us discuss your kitchen range hood cleaning needs. We can offer insights and provide a free exhaust hood cleaning estimate. Contact us today!

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What Hood Cleaning Services Will Do For Your Business?

Is it important to hire a professional Milwaukee hood cleaning company? Is exhaust hood cleaning even necessary? Absolutely!

Exhaust hood cleaning can be a frustrating task. It demands comprehensive cleaning that takes time and effort, but it is an extremely vital task that needs to be done regularly and needs the expertise of established hood cleaning companies near you.


Dirt and food particles splatter everywhere and trapped vapor in the kitchen can cause health issues for your staff, so aside from helping you to have a clean work environment, hood vent cleaning has other benefits too, including improving the health of your crew members.


A dirty exhaust hood can exacerbate kitchen problems. With the help of a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company, you can worry less about grease fires, health issues, and potential accidents.


To ensure your kitchen exhaust hood is in order, call us. 

Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning Company Ready to do Professional Work for You

Need to clean exhaust hoods? Grease Hood Pros is your partner when in need of detailed restaurant hood cleaning. We outshine all other services with our persistence and honest work.

  • Professional and skilled local hood cleaners.
  • Certified commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services.
  • Safe cleaning methods that will make your range hood sparkle.
  • Keep you in the loop about our process to avoid any surprises.


Our services are available for all Milwaukee businesses with commercial kitchens. We do regular cleaning and may also consider emergency exhaust hood cleaning. Simply call our number and talk with one of our range cleaning experts.


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