Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Detailing in Milwaukee, WI

Have grease and hardened food particles on your commercial kitchen appliances? Grease Hood Pros can make your equipment clean and look brand new again.

We can get rid of the grease blobs that seem impossible to eliminate.

A dirty kitchen appliance can become an enormous problem for your business. With our expertise in commercial kitchen cleaning, you will:

  • Pass Milwaukee’s safety and health inspections.
  • Get more positive reviews and ratings from customers.
  • Refresh your business and achieve more!

Grease Hood Pros is here and ready for your cleaning needs. Contact us for our restaurant cleaning estimate and tailored kitchen appliance cleaning.

Removing Stubborn Grease on Milwaukee Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Press the reset button on your kitchen and let us help make your appliances pristine once more.

Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaning

You can expect superb cleaning services from us. Our experts are personally involved in the kitchen cleaning process and we offer carefully planned deep cleaning of commercial kitchen appliances. 

Our cleaners and technicians will handle your appliances with extreme care — we plan each cleaning project to avoid scratching or damaging the appliances.

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial ovens get used all the time so ensuring that they are clean is vital, but our kitchen cleaning contractors are experts in grease removal and will leave your commercial ovens spotless.

Freezers and Refrigerator Cleaning

Noticing a faint odor whenever you are opening the refrigerator or freezer? It may be time to have them deep cleaned by a professional. Cleaning commercial refrigerators and freezers take hours to complete so trust our expert refrigerator cleaners to ensure that the dirty work is done properly.

Food Processor Cleaning

Most of the time, food residue is left behind when food processors are used, and food particles get trapped on the bottom. This can cause food debris to grow mold and bacteria, hence it is crucial to keep the food processor in tip-top shape.

Dishwasher Cleaning

Yes, even dishwashers need proper cleaning too. Allow our dishwashing cleaning service to give the spotless result your dishwasher deserves. Our cleaning crew will remove dirt, food debris, and grease from the inside and outside of the dishwasher is what we do best.

We look forward to serving your Milwaukee kitchen needs. Contact Grease Hood Pros for a proper fast service.

kitchen appliance cleaning service

Benefits of Professional Milwaukee, WI Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Services

Imagine your customers finding a cockroach or dirt on their dish. Do you think they will come back? That is why Grease Hood Pros is here. We are a professional kitchen cleaning company ready to ensure that such experiences do not happen to your customers.

Enjoy these benefits when you hire professional Milwaukee kitchen appliance cleaning services:


  • Properly cleaned and sanitized kitchen equipment and appliances using expert cleaning techniques and advanced appliance cleaning solutions.
  • Deep cleaning services that will get rid of FOGs in hard-to-reach areas of the appliance.
  • Efficient and exceptional cleaning to help prolong the lifespan of the appliance.


Keep your kitchen appliances clean and functioning the way they should. Call Grease Hood Pro today and ask for our kitchen appliance cleaning services.

Ensuring a Clean and Sanitized Kitchen Appliances

There are an array of factors to consider when choosing a Milwaukee cleaning company. Here are some reasons going with the pros in the cleaning industry is the best decision you will make.


Grease Hood Pros has been cleaning restaurants and commercial kitchens for years. We help business owners save their facilities from pest infestation and mysterious odors.


  • We guarantee a cleaning service that will leave your appliances spotless.
  • We are focused on delivering a smooth partnership with our clients.
  • We are determined to provide the best kitchen appliance cleaning that will leave you 100% satisfied.


Our cleaning crew services a large surrounding area in Milwaukee, WI. We keep commercial kitchens neat and tidy.

Making Your Restaurant Ready To Serve

No matter what type of kitchen you have, or how complicated cleaning your appliances can be, we are here to help. Our local cleaning experts have the experience and training to prepare your commercial appliances for another day.


Why worry about cleaning your kitchen appliances when you have Grease Hood Pros? We will take all the burden of kitchen equipment cleaning off your shoulders.


Let us talk! Our expert cleaners are here to help make your commercial kitchen appliance spotless.


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