Rooftop Grease Containment

Milwaukee, WI Rooftop Grease Trap Cleaning That Gets the Job Done

Grease Hood Pros is the team to deal with all your restaurant and kitchen needs. When you need to clean the grease trap, our local technicians will leave it in pristine condition.

Our cleaning crew of seasoned and skilled professionals provide unparalleled services. We get our hands dirty and ensure all areas of your business are spotless. That includes keeping the rooftop grease containment in tip-top shape.

Want to discuss your grease containment cleaning needs? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our hood cleaning specialists will be glad to talk about your next cleaning project.

Grease Problems in Your Business

Grease tends to build up everywhere, especially in hard-to-reach areas. It creeps into kitchen appliances, vents, hood filters, walls, and ceilings. And because it is extremely difficult to remove, it makes kitchen equipment malfunction.


The accumulation of oil and grease on the roof happens often and the kitchen crew often has to deal with it. Grease left on the kitchen exhaust system and grease trap can lead to fires, health issues, and more.


  • Overflow will eventually create a puddle of grease and rainwater. Over time it will cause the deterioration of the roof.
  • Spilled grease is an extreme fire hazard. With just a spark, it can destroy an entire establishment and cause injuries.


Do not let grease buildup go out of hand. Call us today to schedule rooftop grease containment maintenance.

rooftop grease containment

Invest In Milwaukee Rooftop Grease Containment

The rooftop grease containment is a crucial piece of exhaust equipment, however, it is also easy to overlook, especially when it comes to maintenance and exhaust system cleaning.

  • Oil and grease used in everyday cooking go all the way into the kitchen exhaust system. The exhaust fans carry the FOGs up to the roof and ultimately sip through the vents and spill all over the roof. That is a costly problem and a fire hazard. Not only that, but it is also harmful to the environment. A damaged roof due to grease overflow is also very expensive to repair.


    You do not want grease to get stuck in your kitchen equipment or overflowing on the roof. Thankfully, Grease Hood Pros have the solution to prevent grease buildup on your roof.


    With proper rooftop grease containment in place, you will prevent roof damage and unnecessary and costly hazards. 

Cost-effective and Milwaukee-Approved Grease Containment Services

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The grease containment system must pass requirements by the federal, state, and local governments, so you need to install the right grease containment product and have it maintained regularly. Remember that the cost to remove grease and maintain the system is typically much less than the expense of ignoring the problem.


We are the cleaning company that will take care of your rooftop grease containment with experience cleaning and maintaining rooftop grease traps.


Grease sitting on your roof causes corrosion and roof damage. To avoid this, and the expenses of having this repaired, have a professional help you.


We can look at your current rooftop grease containment as soon as possible. And then determine the best approach that will solve your grease problems.


You can trust our Milwaukee cleaning crew!


  • We are professionals and trained to perform effective rooftop grease containment cleaning.
  • We will ensure to meet Milwaukee’s local codes.
  • We walk you through our cleaning process, practices, and strategies.
  • We will perform grease removal and proper grease disposal.


All food service establishments need to have a containment system that will take care of FOGs and other pollutants. Do not overlook the importance of having a proper rooftop grease containment system.


If you’d like to now more about us and the rooftop grease containment services we offer, give us a call today and let our grease strap specialists start making your establishment safe again.

Helping Milwaukee Businesses Have Better Rooftop Solutions

Grease bulid up is one problem many businesses have to deal with. When your establishment and safety are on the line, invest in better grease removal solutions.

We at Grease Hood Pros are experts in cleaning and maintaining grease traps and will remove FOG and other by-products from your facility.

Does operating your business and not worrying about grease overflowing sound good? Call us. We have cleaning services for the Milwaukee area that will resolve your problems.


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