Professional Commercial or Industrial Restaurant and Appliance Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI

When it comes to a reliable restaurant cleaning company, Grease Hood Pros are the one to call. We are a leading provider of commercial kitchen cleaning services in Milwaukee, WI, and neighboring areas.

We have the license, bond, and insurance you need.

Grease Hood Pros is a cleaning professional that delivers unmatched cleaning results. We are a team of industry experts when it comes to kitchen cleaning strategies with services that will help you achieve high ratings and attract more customers.

Need to level up your commercial kitchen? Ask for our cleaning estimate or view the details of our services below.

We Deliver Success. What Cleaning Services Do You Need?

No one understands grease better than Grease Hood Pros. We know the intricacies of kitchen and exhaust hood cleaning and how to manage your kitchen better to reduce stress with our cleaning services.


Milwaukee Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning.

Designed to solve your smoke and fume problems, our effective kitchen exhaust cleaning will help keep your kitchen safe and functional.


Exhaust Hood Cleaning

A reliable and professional hood cleaning to make your range hood ready to use. Removes grease from the hoods, fans, and filters. Involves complete degreasing of the exhaust hood and fans.


Rooftop Grease Containment

Proper collection and disposal of excess grease from your kitchen equipment to prevent grease from creating structural damage to your roof or causing a fire.


Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Comprehensive stainless steel appliance cleaning, oven cleaning, and more. Involves preventive disinfecting to eliminate germs and microbes.


Restaurant Cleaning in Milwaukee

Deep cleaning of the interior and exterior premises such as dining room areas. Specialized cleaning for your exact cleaning needs.

Our hood cleaners have the expertise needed to deliver the best kitchen cleaning services. Grease Hood Pros is the perfect partner for your cleaning needs.


Learn more about our kitchen cleaning services!

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Sanitizing Your Commercial Kitchen in Milwaukee the Professional Way

Our method for cleaning and sanitizing kitchens combines two things: professionalism and experience. Our restaurant and kitchen cleaning process involves:

  • Understanding your kitchen layout.
  • Determining the cleaning services you need.
  • Identifying the issues and possible challenges.
  • Preparing the area or equipment that requires deep cleaning.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting all surface areas, equipment, appliances, and utensils.
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors.
  • Cleaning all visible dirt in the entryway, dining area, kitchen, and all surfaces.
  • Removing stains from walls and ceilings.
  • Scrubbing hood filters and other range hood components.
  • Sanitizing tables and chairs.
  • Collecting and disposing of rubbish from the bins.


Unhygienic commercial kitchens have dire consequences with the possibility of causing fire and spreading illnesses, not to mention having to pay hefty penalties, but you can prevent all of these with just a few clicks.


Contact Grease Hood Pros today. Let us discuss how we can help you to impress your inspectors and customers.

Businesses That Will Benefit From Milwaukee Cleaning Services

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.A commercial kitchen is a working space equipped with cooking appliances, and as such, must adhere to regulations concerning the safety and health of people. 

Commercial kitchens that need regular cleaning and maintenance include:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and diners.
  • Healthcare facilities.
  • School cafeterias.
  • Coworking premises.
  • Hotels.
  • Bars and clubs.
  • Assisted living facilities.

Whatever type of commercial kitchen you are running, it must be clean and functional. It is vital for customers to experience the best you can offer, which is why professional kitchen cleaning is essential.

Give your customers a better experience!  Contact Grease Hood Pros and ask about our Milwaukee kitchen cleaning services. We can customize our services to complement your kitchen’s unique needs.

What is Commercial Kitchen Cleaning for Milwaukee Businesses?

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It is pretty simple: a good kitchen cleaning is all about cleaning, rinsing, and sanitizing. But it does not stop there. It also involves deep cleaning of appliances, kitchen exhaust systems, and more.

Wisconsin food establishments follow safety guidelines when preparing and serving food. Restaurants, school cafeterias, and church kitchens all adhere to the regulations.

  • Ensure the location and facility are clean and properly ventilated. Floors, walls, and ceilings should be maintained and cleaned regularly.
  • The interior and exterior of the premises should be free of pests and rodents.
  • Food prep areas should be thoroughly cleaned. That also includes the kitchen exhaust systems, hood filters, equipment, appliances, and utensils.
  • Hazardous substances should be handled with extreme caution. They must be segregated in storage and disposal to avoid contamination.
  • The cleaning and sanitizing methods, as well as cleaning supplies, should be food-safe.

These are just a few of the regulations commercial kitchens need to follow. Some business owners think that not hiring a professional kitchen cleaner is fine, however, professional services ensure that you will achieve all these requirements.

In today’s world, keeping the kitchen clean is more crucial than ever. Cleaning restaurant grease traps, hood filter cleaning, and appliance cleaning are all important, so having them regularly cleaned will prevent contamination and accidents from happening. 

  • Boost the efficiency of your kitchen.
  • Promote cleanliness and avoid contamination.
  • Level up the appearance of your premise’s interior and exterior.
  • Ensure the safety of your customers while in your establishment.
  • Build and nurture positive messages to your community.

Grease Hood Pros is happy to provide the kitchen cleaning services you need. Contact us for all your Milwaukee cleaning needs.

How to Hire the Right Restaurant Cleaning Company near You

There are several benefits of hiring a Milwaukee commercial kitchen cleaning company. Aside from practical solutions, professional restaurant cleaning companies have the manpower you need. We have the staff and experts to accomplish any difficult cleaning tasks. 

But how do you know when the company is good for your business?

Look at their experience

This is perhaps one of the most crucial factors to consider when hiring a cleaning contractor. Choose a service provider with proven years of experience cleaning all kinds of food establishments.

Ask for referrals

What were their previous cleaning jobs? Will they be able to give previous clients that can vouch for them? It will be easier for you to work with a company your community already trusts.

Verify the availability of their technicians

Having people cleaning and vacuuming while your customers are eating is not ideal. It is vital that the restaurant cleaning company you will hire meets your timetables. Will they be able to conduct cleaning services after hours or when it is most convenient for your business?

Check their license

Risks are involved when it comes to commercial cleaning. Look for contractors with licenses to show, bonded, and insured. That way, your business can be protected and you will have peace of mind.

Consider the cleaning supplies they use

There are guidelines when using detergents and sanitizers for cleaning commercial kitchens. Only approved cleaning solutions must be used, especially on food contact surfaces

Find out their cleaning services and prices

Of course, managing your finances is one of your most important responsibilities. With a budget in mind, reach out to a Milwaukee kitchen cleaning company near you.

Learn about their customer service

Ask how they define customer support and process before, during, and after the job. Who can you contact in case problems arise? Determine how they handle challenges.

Before hiring a Milwaukee commercial cleaning company, conduct a background check. Do not be afraid to interview the staff and technicians. Find out if the team and services suit your business and employees. A healthy working relationship will help make the cleaning project successful.

All Commercial Restaurants Need a Kitchen Cleaning Professional

Go with the pros! Grease Hood Pros is the team you need to get the best Milwaukee kitchen cleaning services. Our experience speaks for itself. We have built our reputation on quality results. Our successful restaurant cleaning projects are proof of what we can do.


Your commercial kitchen is the backbone of your business. Your job is to serve safe and clean food to customers. Allow our local cleaning crew to take on the hard part of eliminating grease and grime from your kitchen so you can get on with serving your customers.


We are more than a contractor. Grease Hood Pros will be part of your team. Our entire crew will support you in achieving a spotless kitchen and restaurant.


  • High-quality kitchen cleaning services.
  • Attention to detail from floors, walls, to ceilings.
  • Open and transparent communication with our kitchen cleaning crew and Milwaukee clients.
  • Professionally trained local hood cleaners.
  • Equipped to handle any restaurant or kitchen cleaning job.
  • Years of experience and operation in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Customized cleaning solutions for both small and large facilities.
  • Eco-friendly and safe cleaning services.
  • Uses the right and effective cleaning solutions that will make your commercial kitchen sanitary.
  • Offer affordable kitchen cleaning, exhaust hood cleaning, appliance cleaning, and more!


We understand the importance of ensuring that commercial kitchens are to standards is crucial. Grease Hood Pros will treat your facility like it is our own.

Schedule Your Milwaukee Commercial Deep Cleaning Today

Bacteria lurk in all areas of your restaurant, but you can now say goodbye to grease and grime harboring diseases. Talk with our kitchen and hood cleaning experts and get your free commercial kitchen cleaning estimate right away.


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