About Grease Hood Pros

Grease Hood Pros is a restaurant and kitchen cleaning company based in Milwaukee, WI. We offer services from individual appliance cleaning to whole restaurant cleaning.

But we are more than just a commercial kitchen cleaning company. We are a local team of cleaning experts striving to give clients the spotless kitchen they deserve. We return kitchen appliances, hood filters, and equipment to their original state.

Our top priority is to restore the efficient kitchen you used to have and the clean restaurant that customers enjoy.

The service we offer covers every inch of your facility. We can freshen up the interior and exterior of your restaurant with:

  • Exterior deep cleaning.
  • Kitchen exhaust system cleaning.
  • Rooftop grease containment.
  • Exhaust hood cleaning.
  • Commercial kitchen appliance cleaning.
  • Restaurant cleaning.

Is your facility in need of  customized, commercial deep cleaning services ? Grease Hood Pros is a licensed, bonded, and insured Milwaukee commercial cleaning company. Our work is not limited to just restaurants. We do healthcare facilities, schools, churches and more. Contact us today.

Why You Need Grease Hood Pros as Your Milwaukee, WI Kitchen Cleaning Partner

Managing a service-focused business is not an easy task. You need to consider many things, including the myriad means of cleanliness and preventive maintenance — your responsibilities are endless.


We at Grease Hood Pros offer solutions to your restaurant and kitchen cleaning needs, and our extensive cleaning experience allows us to develop the best kitchen cleaning practices needed to improve your kitchen environment. 


No business is perfect. As a reliable kitchen cleaning company, we know the struggles that restaurant staff go through every day. They do everything to keep the business’s reputation positive. They ensure a clean restaurant while keeping customers satisfied.


At the end of a long day, deep cleaning your restaurant and kitchen is one of the last things you want to do. That’s why Grease Hood Pros is here to provide the best Milwaukee, WI restaurant cleaning services. There is no mess we cannot tidy up!


Whether you are a first-time or a regular client, you can trust us to deliver a cleanliness to your kitchen that you deserve.


  • We will completely get rid of the microbes and bacteria lingering on food prep surfaces.
  • We conduct thorough sanitation and disinfection of commercial kitchen appliances and dining areas.
  • We guaranteed a clean and fresh restaurant and kitchen environment.
  • We also conduct an in-depth and professional cleaning and disposal of trash.


Grease Hood Pros does not simply offer quick fixes with short-term effects. Our cleaning procedures provide only the best long-term solutions.

About Grease Hood Pros

Milwaukee Businesses We Provide Kitchen Cleaning Services

Our restaurant and kitchen cleaning is available for all Milwaukee, WI commercial kitchens. Our service includes grease hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, and more, all of which help commercial kitchens adhere to Milwaukee, WI local safety and health regulations.

  • Restaurant and grill.
  • Café and pastries.
  • Resort and hotels.
  • Bistro.
  • Bars and clubs.
  • Assisted living facilities.

Hiring Grease Hood Pros to handle your Milwaukee cleaning needs can save you precious money and time. We design our cleaning services to be reliable, comprehensive, and affordable.


To schedule our Milwaukee cleaning services, talk with our cleaning specialists via phone.


Seamless Milwaukee, WI Kitchen Cleaning Professionals

Grease Hood Pros is ready to serve our community with excellent cleaning solutions and kitchen maintenance.

At Grease Hood Pros, we take cleaning needs seriously. Keep your business running and leave the cleaning work to us!

No more grease and grime to worry about! Call Grease Hood Pros today.


1845 N Farewell Ave, Suite 211, Milwaukee, WI 53202



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