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Milwaukee, WI Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

At Grease Hood Pros, we offer custom cleaning for commercial exhaust systems. We are seasoned experts and the best at providing kitchen exhaust cleaning in Milwaukee, WI with services that are designed to suit the needs of our customers.  

Need a comprehensive kitchen exhaust system cleaning? Let us have a look and clean out the debris. No matter how big your problem is, we can help fix it!

Act quickly before your grease problem becomes bigger and costlier. Call Grease Hood Pros today to discuss your needs. We can walk you through the details of our Milwaukee cleaning services.

Custom Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Services in Milwaukee, WI

Our priority is to match our clients with the right cleaning services. That is why every service we provide is customized to the individual kitchen’s needs.

Here is what our cleaning services cover:

Range Hood Cleaning

It is easy to spot dirt and grease buildup on the range hood. Simply check the underside of the hood canopy. Is it contaminated with oily sludge? Let our range hood cleaning service take care of it. Our services involve grease filter cleaning and hood surface sanitation that will remove all grease from your range hood.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Exhaust or extractor fans expel contaminated air from your commercial kitchen, pushing smoke and fumes out of the vents. This part of the kitchen exhaust system needs proper cleaning to function accordingly.


For a comprehensive exhaust fan cleaning, call Grease Hood Pros to make sure there is nothing preventing the fans from functioning.

Exhaust Duct Cleaning

The ductwork is an essential part of the kitchen exhaust system as it helps to improve the airflow in the kitchen. Grease buildup inside the ducts is an extreme fire hazard. 

Regular cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system helps to keep everything in order. Hiring our services will ensure the exhaust hood does not become a big headache.

Worried about the greasy oil contaminants in your kitchen exhaust system? Grease Hood Pros is a well-known duct cleaning provider with a team of experts to clear the circular ducts, junctions, and dust collectors.


Not conducting regular cleaning increases the chances of fires and accidents as well as affects the performance of your commercial appliances.


Have grease on the exhaust system you cannot seem to get rid of? Let Grease Hood Pros do the job. Our services will leave you walking into your kitchen with a smile.


  • No more greasy smell.
  • No more oil and grease on the exhaust system.
  • No more worrying about failing the health and safety inspections.


Contact Grease Hood Pros today for a safe and quality exhaust system cleaning!

kitchen exhaust system cleaning

Why You Need Expert Commercial Kitchen Cleaning for Your Business

We get it. Sometimes, no matter how hard you clean, the grease and grime stubbornly remains. We know how difficult it is to keep up with cleaning, especially during busy days. That is why hiring a professional hood cleaning company nearby takes can be a real load off your mind.

Grease Hood Pros guarantees a smooth, no-mess service. Our expert will perform the best cleaning practices, so you can leave the deep cleaning grease traps, ducts, and ventilation job up to us.


After every cleaning project, we make sure to leave the kitchen exhaust system:


  • Free of blockage and grease.
  • Looking brand new again.
  • Working properly and at its best.
  • Clean, sanitized, and ready for operation.


Worried about an upcoming inspection? Have complaints about the malfunctioning exhaust system? Whatever your reason for having an exhaust system cleaning, we’ve got you. Need to pass an inspection or to prevent encountering health issues? No worries! 


Our Milwaukee cleaning services will lessen your worries. That means reduced risks of fires, accidents, and other concerns.


Get in touch with us to receive a free kitchen exhaust system cleaning estimate and let us talk about what our specialists can do for you.

Keep Your Kitchen Exhaust System Functioning

Grease Hood Pros provides outstanding deep cleaning in Milwaukee, WI with a team of professionals and hood cleaning experts. We deep clean kitchen exhaust systems based on the local regulations and health codes.


Call our office to receive full details of our Milwaukee cleaning services.


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