Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Kenosha, WI

Welcome to Grease Hood Pros’ commercial kitchen cleaning services in Kenosha, WI. We are a leading restaurant and kitchen cleaning company familiar with the diverse and vibrant food scene in Kenosha. We understand the challenges restaurant owners face when it comes to cleaning, so if you are looking for trusted kitchen cleaning services, call Grease Hood Pros!

Benefits Your Kenosha Restaurant Will Get from Professional Kitchen Cleaning

Kenosha, WI is one of the greatest places to live or start a restaurant business. The city boasts a blend of specialty markets, breweries, seafood cuisine, food chains, and more! Being in the restaurant cleaning business for years, we have worked with many kinds of food-service businesses, and we understand the importance of proper cleaning.


With a lot of attractions, museums, and sports activities to do in Kenosha, your business will thrive, so keeping up with the local regulations is vital to ensure your business never stops growing and reaching more people!

  • Keeping a hygienic restaurant and kitchen contributes to the health and safety of all locals and visitors.
  • Regular commercial kitchen equipment cleaning helps prevent the buildup of dirt and grease.
  • A deep-cleaned kitchen will reduce accidents and equipment malfunction.
  • Maintaining a clean restaurant from the exterior to the interior will create a positive image, making the establishment more inviting for potential customers.


Grease Hood Pros can save you time and effort in keeping your restaurant clean and safe. Allow us to help take the cleaning work off your shoulders!

Kitchen Cleaning Services in Kenosha

Maintain A Safe and Healthy Restaurant with Our Kitchen Cleaning Services in Kenosha, WI

Grease Hood Pros takes pride in providing unmatched restaurant and kitchen cleaning services, whether we are servicing the hood cleaning or exhaust system, to meet the needs of our customers in Kenosha.

Restaurant Cleaning

We have a team of experienced restaurant cleaners that ready to clean your restaurant. Have tough stains or plenty of fingerprints on doorknobs and windows you need to deal with? Leave everything to us!

Hood Cleaning

The exhaust hood is one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment to have regularly cleaned. With our Kenosha hood cleaning services, the grease buildup on your range hood surface and hood filters will be gone.

Exhaust System Cleaning

Grease and other contaminants can also accumulate in the exhaust system, so it is equally important to have a professional clean your ductwork and exhaust fans. At Grease Hood Pros, we ensure exhaust systems are clean and operate smoothly.

Rooftop Grease Containment

Kenosha local regulations require a rooftop grease system, just like most cities in the US. To prevent disasters caused by grease and grime buildup, let us have a look at your grease system. We will clean the rooftop grease trap and make sure the grease is taken away safely to ensure that your business remains in line with Kenosha regulations.

Commercial Appliance Cleaning

A commercial kitchen cannot operate without the right appliances and equipment, and a malfunctioning appliance because of accumulated dirt can affect your business. Our cleaning in Kenosha will deal with all the grime and dirt in your commercial appliance. We strive to continuously learn new and safe appliance cleaning methods in order to serve Kenosha with the best cleaning service.

Grease Hood Pros know the unique needs of our Kenosha customers, and our cleaners are also flexible and quick to respond to any of your queries. Talk with our kitchen and hood cleaning specialists for more details about our services!

A Team of Kitchen and Hood Cleaning Experts

Grease Hood Pros has a team of skilled hood cleaners and technicians with years of experience in cleaning restaurants and commercial kitchens. We can perform the best kitchen cleaning methods that have long-lasting effects by using the latest technologies to safely and correctly clean commercial appliances and equipment.


As well as our customized kitchen cleaning services, our hood cleaning company offers transparency. Our goal is to give seamless transactions to our customers, so our hood cleaning specialists are easy to deal with and will offer the best cleaning solutions possible.


Striving to continuously provide the best restaurant and kitchen cleaning services, we also offer competitive pricing. Our services from hood cleaning and restaurant cleaning to grease system cleaning are all priced fairly. We will provide details of our services so that you know exactly what to expect. And we understand the busy schedules of restaurants, thus we also offer flexible schedules.


Grease Hood Pros is your best option for kitchen cleaning services in Kenosha, WI. We are a team of expert hood cleaners and use eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products. We ensure the solutions we provide will eliminate our customers’ problems while having minimal to no impact on the environment.


Get in touch with Grease Hood Pros! Talk with our friendly team to learn more about the quality cleaning services we have that you can use for your business!

Let Grease Hood Pros Help Keep Your Business on Top of The Game!


Whether you need a one-time restaurant cleaning service or regular kitchen equipment cleaning, we have your back! At Grease Hood Pros, we have a team of hood cleaning experts dedicated to giving the best quality cleaning services. 


Contact us to schedule your kitchen cleaning service, or to ask for a free kitchen cleaning estimate.


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